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Many people don’t realize that digestive problems can often be the cause of common body symptoms such as:

  • Headaches
  • Upper back pain
  • Mid-back pain
  • Sinus issues
  • Gastric distress
  • Gall bladder symptoms
  • Fake-appendicitis
  • Stabbing low back pains
  • Front thigh pain
  • Knee pain

And the list goes on but these are the common ones that an informed body worker can see any day.

Clients often attributed these symptoms to mechanical causes such as lifting, driving, or sleeping wrong because they often are triggered during such activities.

People mistakenly assume that whatever they were doing when the pain occurred  “caused” their pain. They are unaware that their pain was really caused by what is called a “visceral somatic reflex (VSR).”

I will point out these connections when appropriate in case this would be helpful to you. It’s important to become aware of how your digestive system functions, because this is an amazing part of our health and living activities.

Digestion basically happens automatically, similar to breathing, except with breathing it’s hard to mess it up. With digestion we can put all sorts of junk into your digestive tube and your body is forced to deal with it.

However there is a limit and your digestive system gives you many distress signals (symptoms) if you know how to read them correctly. This websites presents the signs and symptoms your digestion system uses to communicate with you.

From a practical point of view, your body symptoms will be your first sign of digestive distress. Once you understand how and why these symptoms occur, you will have the awareness needed to correct these problems. Only then will you be motivated enough to start eating in a way that will enhance your bodily functions. As a result, you will naturally start to eat foods that are more proper. Most importantly, you will be eating food in a way that will renew and revitalize your body’s digestive functions.